Deep down, you long to live a life marked by passion, creativity, and success.

You know you’re here to live with joy, meaning, and purpose. You wish to invest yourself fully in your goals and dreams and experience fulfilling relationships. You want to be fully connected to your talents, skills, and the unique vision you have for your life.

And yet… There’s a gap between the life you imagine and what you experience each day. You don’t feel like you’re being yourself or able to show people who you really are. Maybe you barely even relate to your own life, as it is right now.

Psychotherapy offers a powerful, intimate, transformative journey that will help you face and transform emotional blocks. Whether you’re a creative professional or an individual who wishes to get back in touch with who you really are, therapy can help you tap into your inner resources, talents, and gifts.

It’s time to show up fully in the world and create your life with all that you are.

Let’s begin together.

Emotional trauma and unresolved issues from your past can get in the way of your big dreams, your connections, and your everyday sense of happiness.

Anxiety, depression, and relationships conflicts can make you feel stuck and stressed. These feelings can get in the way of your work, your private or family life, and your sense of purpose.

If you’re a professional in the arts, creative blocks or performance anxiety can derail your career and diminish your sense of self.

It is possible to reconnect to the passionate, creative energy within you.
You can tap into your deep reservoir of imagination, courage, and potential.

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Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D. LMFT

Emotional freedom allows you to access all that you are to live and create with all that you are.
– Mihaela Ivan Holtz

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