You, the artist, depend on the intimate connection to your fascinating internal world to live and make your art.  And, when something stands in the way of your connection to your creative sourceyou lose touch with who you are and your life energy. 

Thus, you can’t show who you really are as an artist.  Your life or career doesn’t reflect your talents, skills, or dreams.  

Psychotherapy is a powerful transformative journey to help you strip down the walls of any emotional challenges that stay between you and what’s most amazing about you: your unique ability to see the world and translate that into art. 

I am Dr. Mihaela Ivan Holtz – founder of CreativeMindsPsychotherapy™.  I specialize in working with creatives, performers, and fine artists.  

I believe creating beautiful lives is the most exquisite form of art. 

As an artist you want to live with meaning and purpose.  You long to express your creativity.  You follow your heart and dream big.   But mostly, you feel you have something important to share with the world.  And, there is only one language that can communicate the depth, richness, and complexity of what you have to say: the language of art.  

But now, you lost touch with your creativity.  

  • Fears and insecurities interfere with your creativity or performance 
  • You postpone or avoid making your art or performing 
  • Big emotions take over and mess with your art, performing, and your artistic career 
  • You don’t show up in your art – acting, audition, writing, music, painting, filming…

And, here you are:

The disconnection from your creativity spills over in how you feel about your life, how you connect with people, and how you show up in the world – which further impacts your creativity.  

There seems to be a symbiotic relationship between your creativity and everything else in your life.  What’s happening with your creativity is affecting all other aspects of your life.  What’s happening in your life impacts your creativity.   And the cycles continue… 

I say:  ‘All roads go to your Creative Core!’ 

So, what’s keeping you from creating, performing, and living with the meaning, purpose, and the connection you long for?

Depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, relationship issues, creative blocks, performance anxiety, loss and grief, addictions, or life challenges take over – not allowing you to access your creative reservoir.  

I’ve made my special focus to work with artists like you.  Together we can get at the root of what is keeping you from creating your career or life.

I know what you want.  You want to create your art and have an impact on your audience.  You want to be seen, valued, and rewarded for the artist that you are.

Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D. LMFT

You, the artist, have to have access to all that you are to create and perform with all that you are.
– Mihaela Ivan Holtz

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