Creating or performing is what makes you feel alive, fulfilled, and in touch with who you really are.  It gives your life meaning and purpose.

You know from deep in your soul that you are talented and skilled.

Yet, you find yourself feeling unhappy and stuck in issues that are not allowing you to be the true creative or performer that you are.

Emotional issues, creative blocks, anxieties, depression, or unfulfilling relationships are taking over – leaving you wondering if you can continue navigating the arts and the entertainment world and still become the creative and the performer that you want to be.

You know what you want!

You want to have an impact on your audience.

You want to connect and be inspired by your audience.

You want to be seen, valued, and rewarded for the creative and the performer that you are

Psychotherapy is a powerful transformative journey that can take you from feeling unhappy and stuck to living with emotional freedom as a fulfilled creative or performer.

In my practice, creating remarkable lives is the most exquisite form of art.

I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology.  I specialize in working with creatives and performers.


“I am not what happened to me, I am
what I choose to become.”
– C.G. Jung.

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