It is not unusual that creatives and performers are seen as “neurotic” or “crazy.”  I am a mental health professional and I do not use such labels…, as my purpose is to understand, appreciate, and inspire people to have the best lives they can have.  I am actually here to say that creatives and performers have amazing minds.  I never stop being fascinated by creatives and performers.  I cannot imagine a world without films, paintings, music, poems, theatre, dance, books…

In fact, what creatives and performs have is an Artistic Mind, that makes them unique and fascinating.  And despite the myth that being “crazy” or “neurotic” is desirable for creativity and performing, it appears that is not necessarily what facilitates creativity or performance.  It is the Artistic Mind State that is responsible for creating and performing.  It is the ability to connect to one’s Artistic Mind, that makes one a creative or a performer.  As we know, not all arts or performances are equal, some can really speak to and connect to our hearts, while others… may not…

We all have a more neurotic imagination and a genuine creative imagination.  As neurotic imagination is responsible for certain forms of arts, the genuine creative imagination creates something different.  While our neurotic imagination comes from our emotional pain, creative imagination comes from a cleaner emotional place.  Some may be able to translate their neurotic imagination into art, others may lose themselves in challenging emotional states.  Some can really hone into their genuine creative imagination, others may not be aware of these mind states.  While, neurotic imaginations can create art that speaks to certain humane conditions, genuine creative imaginations can transform us.  While neurotic imaginations can help us understand others emotional struggles, the genuine creative imagination can take us from mere human experiences to magical experiences…  And at times, neurotic imagination breaks into genuine creative imagination and we heal and transform through different forms of arts.

So, despite the different forms of imaginations is the Artistic Minds State that allows creatives and performers to be fully present in a particular moment in time and space, when everything they are becomes one.  In that moment, they connect to their openness, passion, abilities, and the playfulness that turns their imagination into art. Creatives and performers say it feels almost like an aha moment, like a spiritual experience, or a love affair.  As those who create and perform through their Artistic Mind Sates can touch or connect to their audience…  in memorable ways.

Creatives and performers can become very good at using their both neurotic and creative imagination, as both have their own value.  As long as one can connect to their Artistic Mind States.  Which means as long as one does not get lost or stuck in one’s emotions and is able to seize one’s genuine creative moments.

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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creative blocks / creative issues, relationships, and addictions – to be and live their own best version. You can read more about Therapy for Creatives and Performers here.

Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D. LMFT

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