fearDiscovering and healing Unconscious Fears is my favorite work with my clients.  I can see how one’s life starts unfolding… Witnessing someone’s changing from being stuck to life…  Hard to put into words…  It is like seeing a live being created in front of you, almost like a miracle unfolding in your presence.

What are Unconscious Fears?  Well, of course, these are fears that we are not aware of, as they operate outside our awareness.  The fears that we are aware of, we can choose to face them or not.  However, Unconscious Fears are deceiving.  They control us without our ability to know and understand their impact on our lives.  Unconscious Fears are seductive.  We believe they do not exist, while they keep us stuck in dysfunctional cycles.  We can get stuck in bad or unfulfilling relationships, unsuccessful career, or live a life that does not feel right.

Unconscious fears are powerful.  They don’t stop controlling our lives, unless we address them.  They cover old emotional woods that we revisit so we can heal and live free from being controlled by them.  When we heal unconscious fears, we can become an active part in creating our life, instead of life happening to us.  

How do you know you have Unconscious Fears, since they operate outside your awareness?  

Actually, deep inside you know… You know because life is not working for you. You know because you are feeling stuck, going in circles without getting anywhere. You know because you are aware of how much more capable you are than your accomplishments.  You know because you can’t make things happen, over and over again… You stay of your path, watching your life from outside instead of living your life.  You feel disengaged or unconnected.  You avoid things for no obvious reason.  You sabotages your happiness.

Some examples of unconscious fears are: “fear of being broken,” “fear of authority figures,” “fear of not being loved,” “fear of rejection,” “fear of humiliation,” “fear of not being good enough,” “fear of not succeeding,” “fear of making mistakes,” “fear of being your fault” ….just to name a few.  While all these fears are normal and we all feel them at times, Unconscious Fears take over and control what we do, without us being able to make changes.  For instance, we all have a fear of rejection.  However, someone with a healthy fear of rejection manages to function, no matter what the circumstances are.  While an Unconscious Fear of rejection, will make one avoid, isolate, feel ashamed or humiliated, unusually angry, or be consumed by.  It impacts one’s life in undesirable ways.  It keeps one away from being engaged, productive, or connected on and on …  consistently not functioning up to one’s abilities.

Many times Unconscious Fears are covered by anxiety, depression, unfulfilling relationships, and addictions.  As these symptoms, many times, mask such Unconscious Fears.


Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D. LMFT

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