Man sitting on outdoor stairs thinking You might feel as if your life isn’t all that you hoped it would be. There is an inner voice that tells you, “You could create and accomplish more. You could have more fulfilling relationships. You’re capable of more.”

Somehow, your life isn’t a full reflection of what you really are. You feel like there is something deep within holding you back. Something is keeping you from expressing your true self and experiencing solid happiness and satisfaction.

 Something deep inside you has to be addressed and dealt with. But, you don’t know what it is and you don’t know how to shit it on your own. 

You may need to do more than simply “change your attitude” or “mindset.” It’s very likely that unhealed emotional trauma has been holding you back. Those old hurts may be deep within you and they may have directed the course of your life, but it is possible to heal and move forward toward a life the feels right.

EMDR Therapy can help you transcend your past and can put you on an emotional transformation path. 

Emotional growth is a complex phenomena. Moments of healing, moments of relapse, and moments of renewal all mingled together. Real healing and transformation is not a not a linear, intellectual process. It’s a shift from inside-out, an in-depth and powerful process. This is the kind of healing and transformation that EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, offers.

EMDR is known as a treatment for trauma but, it’s so much more. It doesn’t just heal traumatic experiences, it also gives the repressed parts of you a chance to emerge and bloom.

There are parts of you that may have been stunted due to unhealed emotional experiences. These parts still yearn to emerge and grow. Think of them as buds that have always been present, but never had the right emotional environment to flourish.  As you heal, these parts will be nourished by the healthier emotional experiences – in and outside psychotherapy – and will naturally transform and grow.

 And, EMDR does take you on a journey of healing and growth.

EMDR heals emotional trauma of all kinds, from a single traumatic event to complex trauma. Complex trauma is the result of repeated traumatic experiences over a long period or time. Rather than being one of those “capital T” trauma experiences one might associate with a particularly catastrophic event, complex trauma is associated with prolonged exposure to feelings of shame, rejection, judgment, or abandonment. It can stem from experiences of being bullied, being ignored, feeling unseen and unheard, or  feeling like you don’t matter. These are layers and layers of “small t” trauma, wived together in complex trauma.

Contrary to popular belief, a single traumatic event is generally easier to overcome. It’s the complex trauma that needs a focused, multifaceted approach that incorporates not only healing, but also a transformation. 

Most often, people come to therapy with many layers and types of trauma that need to be addressed. These layers of unhealed trauma keep you from being your full self and from creating, connecting, and accomplishing your goals with a sense of emotional freedom. When you cannot live from the core of who you are, you always feel like you’re unable to bloom into all you’re meant to be.

EMDR is very effective for healing the unresolved elements of complex trauma so you can emotionally bloom and live a more fulfilled life.

This approach to psychotherapy works with your natural propensity for wholeness and your human inclination toward emotional growth. EMDR works with your brain’s intrinsic ability to process, integrate, and cleanse your mind of unhealthy emotional experiences. Through this process, your innate abilities and qualities are released from the claws of trauma.

Events of daily life can trigger emotions related to unhealed traumatic experiences. Dormant, unprocessed memories that have gotten “stuck” in your right brain can be re-awakened in the present. When triggered, these emotions feel very real, as if they are happening in-the-now.

You lose the emotional clarity in the present moment and you feel unable to respond to what is happening around you now. You’re unable to engage with the present moment with a sense of confidence of agency.

 As a result, you feel disconnected from who you are: your abilities, talents, inspiration, creativity, and life energy. When you lose your authentic connection to yourself, others, to what you do, and the world, you can’t experience the present moment and grow from it. You’re stuck.

EMDR can re-activate unhealed and unprocessed memories in a safe, healing, and empowering psychotherapeutic space, giving your mind the chance to reprocess and integrate these memories into a more emotionally sophisticated and resilient you. Thus traumatic memories lose their grip on you and you regain your emotional freedom to create your life now.

EMDR can give you back the ability to create your real story of who you really are and what you can be.  What becomes possible when you get back in touch with your natural powers of healing and growth, you may be surprised.

You can reclaim the happiness and contentment you long for.  


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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with their life struggles, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creativity, relationships and love, PTSD, and addictions – to become their own best version.  You can read more about Therapy for Creatives here.

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