You, the artist, know what it takes to be on the creative path.  It takes passion,  determination and more to navigate the fascinating, yet challenging artistic world.

It takes to trust yourself that you can transform your experiences, feelings, and ideas into stories that speak to your audience’s dreams, struggles, pain, or hope.  

Discipline to hone the skills and talents.  Courage to share your intimate artistic world with those that you don’t know but you allow them to see you.  Resilience to bear the unpredictability and the messiness of the creative world… Continue to show up, no matter what.  

And I get that.  I get that, despite all the challenges that come with the artistic world, you still want to create or perform.  You want your place in the world of creatives.  And, you want your life to be enhanced by your creative pursuits. 

The feeling of living on the edge of uncertainty… I know it all just like you.  Just like you, I took on the journey that requires you to face your fears, doubts, shadow, or all your feelings that challenge you. 

You don’t believe in compromising your passion, meaning, or life mission.  I don’t either. 

Like you, I like to turn the impossible into possible.  Where people see no possibilities, I see possibility.

And, although you may feel stuck in some area of your life right now, you are brave for taking on the creative road.  You dare to go to all the uncomfortable places to find you and create you as an artist.  

I do understand all that. 

I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology.  I am certified in psychoanalytic therapy and and marriage and family therapy.  My training – in psychodynamic therapy, CBT, EMDR, and the neuropsychology of psychotherapy and relationships – allows me to help you, the artist.  I’ve been working with creatives and performers since my doctoral intern years, in 2005. 

stage door sign black and whitePerhaps you are successful now, but you don’t know what’s next.  Maybe you’ve had your fair share of wins, but you still feel like you’re not quite where you want to be.  Or, you’re still on your way to developing your career, wondering if you have “what it takes.”

Wherever you are in your creative and life journey, I am here to help you live and create with emotional freedom.  

Freedom from depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, emotional abuse or neglect, unproductive relationships, creative blocks, performance anxiety, stage fright, or addictions.  So, you can access, connect, and express your own unique creative self. 

Emotional freedom allow you to live, create, and perform with your whole self and to make the most our of your life and your creative journey.

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