Therapy with Mihaela Ivan Holtz is about helping Creatives and Performers find their Emotional Freedom

Living with emotional freedom allows you to:

  • Connect with your audience in authentic and memorable ways
  • Be seen, valued, and rewarded for the creative or performer that you are
  • Enjoy authentic personal and professional relationships that further help you transform and bloom as an artist
  • Emotional conflicts or blocks, anxiety, depression, insecurities, relationship blocks, creative blocks, and performance anxiety cannot hold you hostage anymore!

Once you get in touch with your emotional freedom, you cannot help but to find yourself and to become the creative and performer that you are.

Transformation From Being Stuck to Emotional Freedom

Psychotherapy can help to guide and encourage your journey to creating your life.

You can go from living with emotional conflicts, anxieties, depression, creative blocks, insecurities and empty relationships to being in touch with your core self, connecting to your strengths, and enjoying fulfilling relationships.

Being in touch with your core self, connecting to your strengths and having fulfilling relationships create the mind space from which your life energy flourish.

Live with joy, purpose and meaning.

Create your life, don’t let life happen to you!


About Me

Welcome to a transformative journey for the Unfulfilled Creative or Performer.

I am Dr. Mihaela Ivan Holtz, and I developed Creative Minds Psychotherapy to help creative people and performers in Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, Studio City, and the surrounding areas with personal/professional challenges, relationships blocks, creative blocks, anxiety, depression and addictions.

I have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. I am also certified in Psychoanalysis through The Wright Institute, Los Angeles, and I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

My training in psychoanalysis, the neurobiology of psychotherapy and interpersonal relationships, meditation, family systems, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, solution-focused techniques, and positive psychology allows me to get at the root of what is not working, while moving one toward making changes in the present.

You can reach me at 310-424-0292 to schedule your free consultation.

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