Online Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills, CA

Do you feel paralyzed by difficult circumstances in your life? Unexpected situations can sometimes threaten our future goals and keep us from moving forward. Creative Minds Psychotherapy offers online psychotherapy in Beverly Hills, CA, and the nearby cities to help people reconnect with their creative potential. 

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Embrace Your Unique Creativity With Online Psychotherapy

Anxiety, depression, stress, emotional trauma, or other factors can affect creativity and productivity, preventing you from achieving your dreams. You may feel overwhelmed with your career and the internal struggle of emotional and mental symptoms that magnify difficult circumstances. Life doesn’t have to feel that way; you don’t have to handle these feelings alone. 

I provide online psychotherapy to help heal the root cause of unwanted symptoms holding you back from your dreams. The best approach to working through negative thoughts and feelings surrounding difficult situations is through a holistic and practical approaches. I specialize in:

Many people want to seek help from a certified therapist but don’t have the time. Busy schedules often prevent people from sitting down with a therapist. I provide online psychotherapy that works around demanding client schedules so they can receive support anywhere. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Meeting online can provide results that are as effective as meeting in person. If you have questions about how online psychotherapy works or what you can expect, I am happy to answer them.

Are Online Psychotherapy Sessions Private?

Absolutely. I prioritize the privacy of every client by using advanced technology for teletherapy sessions. My video chat platform, Doxy, is HIPAA-compliant and approved by the board of psychology. I also use the most secure version of ZOOM. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

Although I do not accept insurance, I can provide you with a superbill of services to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

How Do I Know If I Need Online Psychotherapy?

It’s easy to push the need for therapy aside when you have a busy schedule. However, if you’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy, depression, stress, or a lack of confidence, therapy can help. Online psychotherapy brings support and guidance to the comfort and privacy of your home so you can process feelings and thoughts in a safe space. A certified therapist can use a combination of therapy methods that work with your unique mental health needs. Let me work with you today.

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You don’t have to let difficult circumstances prevent you from pursuing productivity, creativity, and career goals. Contact Creative Minds Psychotherapy today and schedule an online psychotherapy appointment. You don’t have to feel stuck in an endless loop of self-doubt and unhappiness because I can provide guidance and support for your unique mental health needs.

I Help People In Beverly Hills, CA

I am thrilled to offer online psychotherapy to creatives and performers in Beverly Hills, CA, and the surrounding cities. As a suburb of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is close to West Hollywood, Culver City, and Santa Monica. My office is at 450 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 301 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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