My wish for you in 2017! An invitation to navigate your life with beauty, love, and grace! To take you closer to where you want to be!

As the New Year is settling in, I cannot help myself but to stop and feel its presence.  A sense of new hopes and beginnings, mixed with the bittersweet nostalgia of the moments I cherished and now‚ my memories‚

At the same time, I am aware of the challenges and the losses of the past year…giving myself the space to grasp their meaning, while I will not let them take me to any of my dark sides‚ For I deeply know this is not the answer!

So, there is only one choice!  To let the cherished memories light up my path into continually creating my present‚ while making my losses and challenges become my opportunities for growth, transformation, and into creating more beauty‚

Because, challenges and losses are life‚ inevitable waves, that come and go‚ just like our cherished moments.  In the end, we are the riders of our life’s waves.  And every time we ride each wave with emotional integrity and grace‚ we can only feel awe for how beautiful and precious life is!  Even through the most difficult moments, we become and transform into something more…

In the end, it’s about the genuine connection to ourselves, others, and the world‚ as we ride our life’s waves…  It is through this connection that we continue to exist, become, create, and transform.  And when we are with our beauty, challenges, or losses from that authentic connection place, we can only feel the inevitable miracle of life‚ a pure sense of joy and fulfillment.

So, for this New Year 2017, this is where I want to keep myself!  In that miracle space of riding my life‚ waves with emotional integrity, grace, and genuine connections.  And I am inviting you to do the same!  Because that is living through the best parts of ourselves, to leave behind the very legacies of love, transformations, and growth.

However, for that, we have to be able to know our shadows and darker parts‚ acknowledge them, heal from them, or transform more through them.  So we can navigate life with emotional integrity, grace, and genuine connections‚ into creating and becoming our best selves.

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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creative blocks / creative issues, relationships, and addictions – to be and live their own best version. You can read more about Therapy for Creatives and Performers here.


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