Individual Therapy

Does your life feel not quite right?

by Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D., LMFT

stage performerMany times, creatives and performers come to a place in their lives where they feel something is not working anymore. Young adults struggle through life transitions and finding purpose and a meaningful life calling.

Despite some islands of apparent happiness and success, in their career or personal life, something is not working.

And here comes the painful dance of denial, when one part of you knows something is off, and another part of you is not paying attention.

Your rational voice saying “keep going,” while you inner voice – coming straight from your heart- saying “something needs to change!”

You can easily get caught between the two voices, going back and forth about which one to engage with, leaving you in a place where nothing happens…your are stuck.

I believe that our inner voice has important messages about why things are not working.  I like to call these messages our authentic inner voice.  It is an inside knowing about what we need, who we are, what makes us alive, where we really belong, or what we should be doing with our life… Located in Los Angeles county, Creative Minds Psychotherapy is here to help you find your inner voice with mental health therapy treatment programs for you.

Are you ready to listen to your inner authentic voice?

When you are ready to stop ignoring the unhappiness, the anxiety, the lack of vitality, the emptiness, low self-esteem, or the addictive behaviors distracting you from BEING YOU, individual therapy can help you start listening to that authentic inner voice and make changes. We offer various mental health therapy treatments, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma therapy.

My role as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles is to facilitate a process of seeing, healing, and changing.

I intentionally create a safe and confidential space without judgement or interference, so you can explore those parts of yourself that are not thriving.

I will help you hold your emotional pain until you can see it, heal from it, and transform it into resilience.

I will hold your hopes and dreams until you can create opportunities for them to unfold.

Together we will help you get back in touch with who you really are, by letting go of emotional blocks holding you stuck. Whether you’re going through life challenges, unresolved conflict, or struggling with your self-awareness, we can help you through them. As you will move past the unhealed emotional blocks you can find your unique strengths and gifts to help you creating your life.

Create your life, don’t let your life happen to you!

If you are ready to listen to your authentic voice in the Los Angeles, CA area, contact me through the form below or by calling 310-424-0292 for a free 20-minute consultation.

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