Depression Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by sadness or loneliness? Depression can happen to anyone, especially to those who feel drained or hopeless in their careers. At Creative Minds Psychotherapy, people in Beverly Hills, CA, and the surrounding areas can experience relief with depression therapy and enjoy life again in a safe and supportive environment.

Depression Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

Enhance Your Creative Side With Depression Treatment

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. According to the World Health Organization, more than 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Whether you have a time-consuming career or you’re suffering from repressed trauma, you may suffer from feelings such as:

  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Withdrawing from people
  • Anger or mood swings
  • Reduced mental clarity

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I work with many creatives, performers, and other people to help them process their feelings and overcome depression. Using a combination of psychotherapies, I help people regain a sense of reality so they can reconnect with their careers, relationships, and themselves. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Depression Therapy

As an experienced and licensed therapist, my goal is to help people process their thoughts and feelings to find the source of depression and promote recovery. If you have questions about depression treatment or other services, I am happy to answer them. 

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

I have experience in several therapy methods such as psychodynamic therapy, EMDR, solution-focused, somatic, neuroscience of psychotherapy, and positive psychology. I also have experience with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is helpful for people who suffer from mild to severe depression. Using these methods, I can help clients shift their thought patterns and move them into a place of hopefulness. 

What I Expect In My First Session?

Our first session is the best time to learn about one another. You can expect me to ask you questions about your dreams and goals and how I can help you reach them. I also invite you to ask me questions about my experience and work. 

Do I Need Depression Therapy?

This is a typical question to ask yourself, especially if you are nervous about discussing your feelings with a stranger. Many people don’t feel they need therapy on days when they feel great. However, if left untreated, underlying symptoms can worsen and make you feel worse. Depression therapy can help you find emotional freedom and learn to love your life again. 

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At Creative Minds Psychotherapy, I help heal the root cause of depression through a holistic approach consisting of a combination of therapies. If you want to experience the benefits of depression therapy, contact my office today. I am located at 450 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 301, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

I Help People In Beverly Hills, CA

I am happy to serve people in Beverly Hills, California, and the surrounding cities. Beverly Hills is close to Los Angeles, a world capital for arts, performing arts, and entertainment. I work with many creative performers who make their careers in fashion, music, films, fine arts, and theatre.

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