2018 StoryAs 2018 is settling in, I stop for a moment to fully feel its presence.  A sense of newness and possibility kicks in…  At the same time, memories of my work with creatives and performers in 2107 flood into my mind.  As a psychologist or “mind healer,” I cannot help but to feel a deep sense of connection to something bigger than I am.

I am suddenly moved thinking about how the artists that I work with have changed in the last year.  And, I cannot help but to wonder how those who have been impacted by their creative energy are changed as well.  From the artists to those who are touched by their art, there is a ripple effect that transforms the world.

You, the artist, have the power to speak the language of the mind, the language of the heart, and the language of the soul.  With or without words, you speak the unspeakable, you penetrate through emotional barriers, and you strip the emotional defenses.  With your language, you can touch the untouchable, you can reach into corners of the mind that everyday language cannot. You speak the language of the mind in its most powerful form!  And it is through the language of arts that you transform minds and transform the world…

We, as a humanity, we are in a transition.  And you, the artist, have the power to impact that transition.  You and your stories, told through the language of arts, can help humanity to transition through what needs to be acknowledged into what it needs to be transformed.

Yes, we’re seeing this play out with all of the artists involved in the #MeToo and #TimesUp. So many are coming together to shift authoritative and abusive power to shared healthy power and to turn abusive and exploitative relationships into authentic connections.

And, it is this dance of souls coming together in the quest of becoming better human beings and discovering life’s precious treasures that my work and your art takes on a different dimension and meaning.  It is not about my passion or your fulfillment anymore… It’s about the evolution of humanity.

We are all connected.  In this sense, you and I have a shared responsibility for what we express and create in the world.  Our minds are very unique and we live our own private lives.  At the same time our minds and lives are very connected.  We co-create and transform each other’s minds and worlds.

When our minds meet and connect we permanently change each other.  And what is a more powerful way of meeting and connecting then through art and heartfelt conversations?  Art and psychology share the same responsibility: by creating connection, they bring more beautiful minds, affecting others and changing the world.

So, for you, the creative, the artist, and the performer, this is my new 2018 wish: live with beauty, love, and grace. 

It is at the intersection of beauty, love, and grace that you find your strengths, you transcend your fears, and you connect to your life energy as a creative force.  You find your courage and you dare to go after your dreams. You create from inside out. You connect in authentic ways.  It is from this space of emotional openness that you tell your truth and your stories.

And, when life gets hard, it is my wish that you still commit to living at the intersection of love, beauty, and grace.  This is when you most need to take actions inspired by these qualities and stay connected to the best parts of who you are.  This way, you can move through your challenges with compassionate awareness of your human limitations and, at the same time, focus on the greatness and the magic that you bring in the world!

Music, films, lyrics, stories, dance, poetry, canvas…. The world is full of beauty because of you manifesting your creative energy.  The world needs to be touched by you. 

In the spirit of the new year 2018, I want to say thank you to you and all the creatives and performers for all the beauty that you bring into the world.  Through your music, your stories, your dance you speak to and connect to others’ hopes, dreams, and struggles.  Your lyrics, dance, or symphony… They transform not only you, but the entire world!

I am looking forward for 2018 and the ways I can continue to support you on your journey.  I will be writing for you, inspired to be here for you and your artistic endeavors!

Happy Creative 2018!  May you have the courage to speak your truth through your art. May your art tell the stories that need to be told in 2018.  Keep creating, keep discovering, keep reinventing and transforming you and the world!

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