creativity - maskCreating and performing are the sources of your life energy.  You trust your talent and you work hard to develop it.  You have big aspirations and dreams and you don’t want to settle for less.

At the same time, you feel confused, unsure, you may even doubt your talents and skills.

Part of you wants to continue. You know, at heart you are a creative, a performer.  Part of you wants to give up.  The fear of not succeeding in the highly competitive world of arts and entertainment feels so big and real.

Aren’t things supposed to happen when you put in all the work, energy, and passion?  When you give all you have and it still doesn’t turn out as you hope, it’s confusing, isn’t it?  This confusion and disappointment can really hook into your unhealed unconscious conflicts and paralyze you. 

And then, you go back and forth in your mind and heart, called to be seen and called to hide at the same time.  You don’t know which way to go…  Your wonder,  “Am I chasing the impossible dream?”

The uniquely competitive arts and entertainment world can easily trigger your worst unconscious conflicts.  You hear things like “planets have to align for you to make it.”  And yet, many artists become successful every year.

While you may not be able to control when and how the “planets align” for you, you can align yourself with possibilities and opportunities.  

Your unconscious mind can sabotage your dreams. What if you could understand your unconscious mind and turn it into your ally?

How do you know if your unconscious conflicts are interfering with how you are building your career? The hints are right there for you to see:

You want to be more confident in your auditions, but you don’t coach yourself to be prepared for auditions.  You want to master your guitar, yet you don’t seem to devote yourself to really practice.  You yearn for the big moment that you get that dream job, but you keep making mistakes on the small opportunities that can build your image.  You want to write your  screenplay, but you find yourself procrastinating.

Yes, you can actually see how your unconscious is holding you from putting your efforts and passion into what matters.

Take a look at your life in the last few days, weeks, or months…  What is it that you are unconsciously committed to?  When you say you would practice your piano, what did you actually do?  You thought you prepared yourself for the last audition, but what actually happened?  When you told yourself that you would finish your novel this year, how did you really spent your time? 

You may find that, unconsciously, you are committed to failure, to avoiding, to not pushing through discomfort.  You think you are committed to your career, but your unconscious shows a different story.

The good news: You can work with your unconscious mind to support your creative endeavors.  

While your unconscious may sabotage you with unhealed conflicts, it is also a gold mine of your creativity.  When you heal your unconscious conflicts, you release your power to be the artist you than you can be.  You can make art from deep inside, from your most creative energy.  You find the freedom to start creating your life.

At first, It may feel discouraging to think that a part of your mind is controlling you.  However, as you heal unconscious conflicts, you will feel the shifts that you are making and the impact on your creativity and career.  You will feel more and more empowered when you understand that your mind is your true, enduring source power – especially when you learn how to work with your subconscious.

You say “I want to be that actor, or that singer, that writer…”  Yes, you can be an active participant in creating your art and career.  Yes it is true, the art and the entertainment world is highly competitive and you cannot control the odds.  At the same time, when you choose to take this path, despite not being able to control how the planets align, you can go full force to align all the you are.  What you do matters, not the factors that you cannot control.  It comes down to this: how would you ever know what you could truly achieve if you are silenced by unconscious conflicts that don’t allow you show up and shine in your full light?

Only you can decide to take the path of an artist, to put yourself out there, to make art and perform.  However, if this is the path you choose, give yourself that fair chance that you deserve, by freeing yourself from unconscious conflicts that may keep you stuck.

If you tried all you can imagine to build your career as a creative or performer but you still feel like you are not the creative or the performer that you dream to be, a psychotherapist can help you get any unconscious conflicts out of your way.  You can learn how to make your unconscious your partner in creating your art and your career.

When you plant roses seeds you cannot control the weather.  But when you know how, where, and how to nurture these seeds, something will bloom.  Some seeds will be blown away by strong winds.  Some will be washed away by heavy rain.  Some will be eaten by wild birds.  And, yet some will bloom into beautiful roses that will spread their owns seeds and the cycle of creation will continue…


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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creative blocks / creative issues, relationships, and addictions – to be and live their own best version. You can read more about Therapy for Creatives and Performers here.





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