playing pianoLove comes in many forms. You go through the day, holding those you love in your heart. You look at the moon and you fall in love with its mystery and beauty.  You hear music and you are flooded with feelings of love.  Love inspires you, opens your heart, and makes you connect and feel in ways you might have never imagined…

And, love – in its many many forms – can reach deep inside you and carry you into the creative realm.  Love can melt you into bliss, suddenly, you burst with creative energy.  Love and creativity chase each other, play, dance, and tease each other into the most authentic and complete human experiences.

These are the moments when your inspiration comes alive.  Your mind is suddenly full of creative ideas.  You can see the images, hear the music notes, feel the feelings…  And when you start putting it all together, the story unfolds.  These emotional experiences become your art.

You, the creative, you live through your art and your art lives through you. This is the love affair you have with your creativity.

Do you ever ask yourself about your connection to your creativity?  Do you wonder how it ebbs and flows during different moments in your life? 

Close your eyes, take a moment.  Let go of all the mundane things, all the responsibilities, all the challenges …. Connect with the core of your creativity.  Stay there for a moment.  What do you find there?  Butterflies of inspiration?  Flowing soothing waters?  Fireflies dancing with joy in the moonlight?  Pouring cleansing rain? A candle flame dancing wild?  Red roses opening up with love at the stroke of light?  Storm and gusty winds of unsettled, overwhelming feelings?  In various moments, you have different relationships with your creativity.

When you allow yourself to notice all the manny ways you connect with your creativity, your art can capture the complexity and richness of human experiences: love and lust, fear and despair, transformation and overcoming, asserting and advocating, healing and letting go… It is that love affair with your creativity that moves you to express all the nuances of life experiences.

At other times, you can get disconnected from your creativity.  The fog of anxiety, worries, and insecurities can take over.  The murky waters of depression can keep you and your creativity apart, lost in emptiness.  The intense fire of anger can get in between you and your creativity…  Your aren’t chasing each other, playing, or dancing. You’re not connected with your creativity anymore.

And this is not the usual creative block that can be a normal part of the artist’s cycles of creation and rest.  This is something else.  This is not the anxiety, the sadness, or the anger that you can use to create.  It’s the kind of anxiety that paralyzes your creativity.  It’s the sadness that takes away your creative energy.  It’s the anger that keeps a wall between you and all the rich emotions you could use to make your art.

When you suffer this kind of rupture between yourself and your creativity, you are disconnected from what matters the most to you, that inner energy that needs to be expressed through making art.  After all, you are an artist.  Your life is about creating.  You must create to feel alive.

So, I dare you to break through and heal all that stands in the way of you connecting and deepening your love affair with your creativity…

The most powerful ways to break down anxieties, sadness, and anger that paralyze your creativity are psychotherapy and meditation.

As a psychotherapist, working with creatives and performers, I have witnessed defensive walls that keep my clients’ love energy repressed crumble away.  Consequently, they are more in touch with their innate love energy and they connect more fully with their creativity.

Meditation is also a powerful way to open up and let go of what stands in the way of your love energy.  Meditation helps to break through suffering and unhealthy attachments. And, it connects you the blissful and flow states you the artist need to create.

When you approach your art with this renewed energy you can ignite your love affair with your creativity in a more profound way.  You are able to have those special moments of creating with your whole heart.

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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creative blocks / creative issues, relationships, and addictions – to be and live their own best version. You can read more about Therapy for Creatives and Performers here.





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