2019My wish for you, the creative and the performer, in 2019 is to honor your dreams!

So, take a moment and connect to your deepest desires and wishes. What is it that you long for? More genuine and meaningful connection with your audience? More creative authentic energy expressed in your art? More powerful performances that come from your heart? Do you want to create something that sparks some important changes in the world?

It’s when you honor your dreams that they can take you where you crave to be, where you belong, and where you shine the most. And, you shine the most when you put your energy toward aspirations that reflect who you are and take you on a life path that brings out the best in you.

How do you honor your dreams?

You honor your dreams when you know, acknowledge, and feel emotionally connected to them. This allows you to fully put yourself into your dreams, with all that you are. Your efforts and actions, your skills and talents, your heart and passion all become part of your journey.

When you stay committed and devoted to your vision, it’s possible to become your dreams, moving from an inner world of wish and hopes to a real world of creating and woking on that vision.

You are your dreams. You evolve, transform, and become your best through honoring your dreams. Honoring your dreams is honoring you.

Do you know what your dreams are?

Your dreams can be vividly present in your mind, almost like a movie you live. But dreams aren’t always obvious or clear. They can be unformed, like some distant voices speaking to you from a deep inner world. Perhaps they come and go, but they don’t really get your attention. Sometimes it takes time for a dream to evolve. Or, maybe some dreams you hold on to may not be aligned with who you are… as if some aliens implanted them in your mind. Now, you need to find a way to let then go so your authentic dreams can come to surface and take root.

Knowing your dreams may take some inner work in itself.

But, when you truly get to know your dreams, you can tell they’re authentically yours by the way you feel when they come into your mind. When your real dreams get your attention, you’re filled with joy, passion, and a sense of awe. You can feel their expansive energy and the way they pull you forward to engage with them. Or maybe it’s a more subtle energy that feels like some quiet spiritual awakening. Perhaps that energy that fills you with a sense of wonder, magic, and even bliss. When your dreams come into your mind, your heart knows. You know.

Your dreams whisper to you when you wake up in the middle of the night. They make you stop and look at the moon and stars, with a sense of hope and wonder. They come to you when you take a stroll, watch the sunrise, or listen to the sounds of the waves coming and going on the shore. They have a way of sneaking into your nighttime dreams and daydreams, leaving you with a sense of wonder and longing.

 Your dreams make you tick, they make you sparkle…

There’s power in knowing your dreams. When you do, you can fully acknowledge them.

Acknowledging your dreams happens when you fully and truly allow yourself to know what they are. It means you are able to be with them, to be grounded in them. When you can say out loud, with conviction, “This is what I want to accomplish, create, and experience!” this is you fully owning your dreams.

From that place of owning your dreams, you can take responsibility for them, you can devote yourself toward accomplishing them, and you take charge of them. They connect you to your own power to accomplish, create, and live big.

Owning your dreams fills you with the courage to create your life.

And, when you truly acknowledge your dreams, you can begin to emotionally connect with their energy.

Yes, it’s that genuine emotional connection to your dreams that will motivate you and inspire you to put yourself on a quest to accomplish them.

When you’re emotionally connected to your dreams, they become your greatest ally. They don’t let you give up when it’s hard, they keep you going. When you fall, they help you get up and go. You get tired, you recharge, and then they make you start again. You make mistakes, your dreams inspire you to look at the situation with curiosity so you can learn. You fail, they help you find a new way. You feel fears and doubts, they don’t let you get stuck.

Giving up isn’t an option when you’re emotionally and intimately connected to your dreams. You deeply understand why your dreams are important to you.

So, as the New Year 2019 is settling in, what are your dreams as a creative or as a performer?

Remember, you’re the only one who really knows and can honor your dreams. 

This, doesn’t mean that you will achieve every single thing you set your heart on, but working fully toward your dreams is the only way to create the opportunities that allow them to come to life.

You will be a better and bigger person just by being on the quest to honor your dreams. The transformation you experience on the journey is inherently fulfilling. Along the way, some dreams will be shattered, certainly, but some will also come to life!  

Ultimately, you only need to fully live a few dreams to be happy and to bring your contribution to the world.

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