Woman looking through the windowYou were born to grow and transform. You wish to live with love and build authentic relationships. You’re here to dream, make plans, and set goals.

In order to fulfill this wonderful potential, you have to face and adapt to whatever life throws at you. The problem is, when life gets challenging and threatens to disrupt all your dreams and plans, you are going to be faced with all of the unhealed emotional trauma and conflicts that remain unresolved from your past.

It’s interesting: new challenges have a way of opening old emotional conflicts and wounds. Those emotional wounds that have stayed dormant in your mind need to be reckoned with so you can continue to create the present and future you so wish to enjoy.

We all are going through a major world shift.  As difficult as it is, this can also be a time for healing, renewal, and reinventing.  As we leave behind a world that we knew, we’re all trying to find our way through new challenges.  And, you get to determine how you move through them.

Will you move forward? Will you be able to be flexible with what is so you can access your creativity and imagination and come up with new ways of being a part of the world? How will you use your talents and skills in this new reality? With so much to process, understand, and navigate, will you be able to find your way and continue to connect, accomplish, and create in the process?  

As the world around you changes, will you adapt and prevail? Will you continue to show up?

Despite how challenging life is, there is always that part of you that wants to succeed, find love and connection, and retain your desire to curiosity and sense of adventure.

But, whatever life experiences you’ve had before can help you or stay in the way of you adapting and moving forward.

In your life, you’ve had beautiful and amazing experiences, and you’ve had complicated, difficult experiences, too. You may have suffered through some traumatic events as well.

Throughout life, but especially in times as stressful as now, old emotional conflicts and trauma that you’ve not faced yet are brought back to the surface. They interfere with your ability to adapt and persevere in the present and keep you from creating your success in the future. How can you adapt when the old doesn’t allow you to face the new?

The good news is that you’re born with an innate power to heal and adapt. You can access this power through EMDR therapy.Man portrait looking ahead

When emotional trauma takes over it can block your ability to heal and to adapt.  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a very effective psychotherapy approach that helps you heal old emotional conflicts and also it reconnects with you with your natural ability to heal and adapt.

EMDR enables you to face and navigate your life now and helps you reconnect to your feelings of hope, trust, confidence, and motivation to make it through. Thanks to the healing, emotional insights, and the emotional resilience that come through EMDR treatment, you’re able to assess the present with more clarity and access your talents and skills so you can move forward.  You can minimize the effect of past events so you can respond to current events without getting stuck in old emotional conflicts, feelings, or beliefs that can hold you back

EMDR does all this by activating your natural information processing system. Your neuroprocessing system is what allows you to process, analyze, and respond to your life events. When this system is hijacked by emotional trauma it keeps you trapped and  recreating the same old stories.  EMDR “cleans” up the old emotional stories that are trapped in body and mind so your natural information processing system can do its job and enable you to be resilient and forward thinking.

As layers and layers of emotional trauma are processed and cleared, you free yourself from old emotional traps.  You can start working on your present challenges with more emotional clarity.  Thus, you can make decisions based on your present, not your past.  You respond to your current real circumstances in the moment, using the information and the feelings from now rather than reaction based on old experiences that still unconsciously control you.

Girl looking at the ocean When you revive your mind’s ability to heal and adapt, you can access your true self in order to respond to what is.  You can begin to adapt, transform, and even blossom, despite all of the challenges in the present moment.  

Ultimately, EMDR restores your emotional resilience so you can find the answers to life’s most complicated questions and struggles.

You can adapt and prevail, now matter what life throws at you. As you meet the personal and widespread challenges of life you can continue to express yourself – be yourself as you connect, create, and achieve your goals.

The emotional resilience you are building now will serve you well for the rest of your life. Life will continue to happen and you can continue to prevail now and in the future. 

If you are interested in EMDR therapy and would like to know if it is appropriate for you, please contact me for your free 15-20min phone consultation.

I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. I help creatives and performers with their life struggles, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, creativity, relationships and love, PTSD, and addictions – to become their own best version.  You can read more about Therapy for Creatives here.



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