Man creating by the window For you, the artist, creativity is what you are. You have to express your creativity to feel alive.

When you are in your emotional creative space you’re intimately connected with deep parts of who you are. Your inner world is a rich realm to be discovered. You’re focused and clear and experience a sense of purpose and pride. Grounded in who you really are, you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Through it all, a feeling of adventure and discovery drive you forward.

You feel at home with yourself. You’re connected to all that you are in a very pure way when you’re in touch with your creativity.  

But, when your creative energy gets blocked, you don’t feel like yourself. You’re disconnected from your own core and you feel stuck, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. Often, artists develop depression and anxiety when their creativity is  repressed.

The act of creating itself generates vitality. To be cut off from your creativity is to be cut off from your life force.

Emotional blocks can interfere with your creativity and separate you from your identity as an artist.

Unresolved emotional conflicts or unhealed emotional trauma like guilt, shame, or loss can all interfere with your creativity. When you’re consumed with fear, doubt, or the pressure to create, you may find you cannot access your creative core. Preoccupation with uncertainty or the unknown nature of the uncontrollable outside world can interfere with your creativity. Perfectionism can also paralyze you and block your creative, emotional flow.

Of course, creativity has its ebbs and flows. It’s impossible to be in a perpetual state of creative output. But, if you’re really caught in old emotional conflicts or unresolved trauma, you’re no longer moving through those natural cycles of creativity and rest. You’re just stuck.  Lady holding her face at the desk covered with crumpled paper

EMDR help can help you work with and work through your emotional blocks to reconnect you with your creativity.

What does it mean to work with the emotional blocks that interfere with your creativity?

EMDR, also known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a powerful form of psychotherapy that takes you on an inner journey. There, you’ll discover the true nature of your creativity and you’ll begin to understand what it takes to stay in touch with that inspiring, generative energy. Through EMDR, you’ll discover what you need to sustain your creative flow. 

Do you need to build trust so you believe that you can create your art and it will resonate with your audience? Do you need to build a sense of safety so you can relax into and access your creative flow? Do you need to find inspiration by connecting with the right people and experiences? Do you need to recover your sense of excitement about your particular craft? Do you need to develop the courage to face your doubts and fears so you can show up in the world as an artist? Do you need to embrace the mess and allow yourself to make mistakes in the creative process?

You are unique and what you need to keep you connected to your creativity is unique to you. Sometimes you may not be aware of what you need to be creative. EMDR therapy gives you the chance to discover the emotional ingredients that are necessary for you to produce your own kind of art.

Once you have an inner emotional awareness, which is different from an intellectual awareness, then EMDR can help you integrate them into your nervous system. These feelings, as they become more a part of who you are, can revive your creativity.

As you do this emotional work and you become more attuned to your own emotional needs and learn to honor those needs, your unhealed conflicts or trauma will start to clear away.

For some people, however, this process of reconnecting with and honoring emotional needs may not be enough. That’s when you know you need to actually work through the emotional conflicts or trauma that holds you back. 

EMDR can help you work through the emotional blocks that interfere with your creativity Boy holding a lantern in the dark

To work through emotional blocks is to address the root of the original trauma. It’s an in-depth journey of deep healing that usually results in the release of emotional blocks that have long been trapped in your mind and body.

Emotional blocks are imprinted in all that you are and can interfere with all that you want to create. They are stored in feelings, body sensations, and beliefs. EMDR is very effective at finding, addressing, and “cleaning” that imprint.

So, if you feel like something happened to you when you were very young that still echoes through your life and stops you from being the creative you know you could be, EMDR is very effective. Even if you cannot recall any specific traumatic events from your childhood, EMDR can help you recognize and resolve old emotional unhealthy patterns. Through this process you’ll get emotional freedom from paralyzing feelings associated with instances of toxic rejection, abandonment, shame, or criticism.

Reviving Your Creativity Relies on a Comprehensive Approach to Therapy and Healing

Often, to restore your connection to your creativity you need to simultaneously work with and work through emotional blocks. This becomes powerful, liberating emotional work that helps you restore your connection to your creativity.

You’ll find that diving into this work takes you to even more profound creative depths. As you reconnect with your creativity and you come to trust  its ebbs and flows, you can also have more access to your inner world. Once you deal with your emotional blocks, you’re able to access more and more of that internal world that is filled with your own creative wonders and treasures. Mature lady drawing fashion

Over time, you realize you’re not only more creative, but also more resilient. Even when this creative life is challenging and scary, you’re able to stay connected with your sense of awe and your passion for discovering your art or developing your craft.


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