Female looking through the window at the outside world - back view A part of you wished you were more successful in your career, your relationships were more fulfilling, maybe live a fuller and more meaningful life. But, something is holding you back to really investing yourself in your life, career, or relationships…

Much of what you hope to accomplish and experience just stays in the realm of fantasy. Why? Deep down inside you know there is a part of you that is holding you back from really showing up in life.

Life is messy, unpredictable, and uncertain. The idea of taking on life feels like stepping into unknown territory that scares you and makes you anxious. Instead of embracing yourself and your life, you’re stuck in worries and anxieties. Maybe you’re not even fully aware of how anxiety is holding you back…

How do you even know anxiety is holding you back?

Have you ever felt that things in your life were just too big? Overwhelming? Scary?

Have you fixated on all your mistakes and mess-ups, getting discouraged or trapped by the smallest missteps, fretting, doubting, and second-guessing your own mind, choices, and judgment?

Do you worry about what lurks around the corners of your life, vacillating between avoidance and the need for reassurance?

Are you exhausted? Frustrated, perhaps? Maybe you live with a constant feeling that something simply needs to change, to bring you some relief and heal from whatever is triggering your nervous system to respond with anxiety. But, nothing is really changing…

Worry and fear can steal purpose and direction when they’re allowed to rule your life, your beliefs, your feelings, your behavior. It stills your sense of agency, your zest for life, your inspiration, your creativity. Day by day it stills your life.  

You can turn things around! Female blowing a dandelion in the wind

You need compassion, support, and commitment to turn things around. Where to begin?

Psychotherapy for anxiety is a good first start. Whether online or in-person, the time you spend with a therapist is dedicated to you and your healing. Consider these key ways therapy can help you heal from the inside out and encourage you to face life boldly and with more presence and authenticity.

You can start showing up in life. You can access and use your talents and skills. You can start putting your sense of agency toward accomplishing your goals and dreams. You can start living and creating your life. 

Psychotherapy will help you heal the emotional trauma that may be at the root of your anxiety

Psychotherapy is vey effective at healing trauma – in particular in-depth therapy combined with EMDR and some solution-focused strategies – will help you shift your feelings, beliefs, your sense of agency, and creativity – therefore helping you heal anxiety.

Therapy effectively encourages you to look deeper into your worry and fear. What lies beneath worries about your life, career, and relationships?

To heal from inside-out, you’ll likely have to reconnect with the parts of you that you have been denied or repressed. Genuine parts of you that want to explore, create, love, and be alive.

Now, these parts of you that have been kept small and repressed, are manifesting themselves as worries, fears, and anxieties. To literally “change your mind” you’ll need to be both curious and honest about these parts that will finally be seen and allowed to bloom.

Female outdoors facing the sun - back view Therapy is a safe place to be vulnerable so you can get in touch with what may have caused you to disconnect from your core self – the part of you that you know you are, what you want, what you need. The core of who you are that needs to authentically show up in life – for you to have the courage to be you, express you, and put your efforts toward what you believe in.

Psychotherapy can help you reconnect with the essence of who you are, re-shape your beliefs, develop a more grounded sense of confidence, inspire you to take healthy action, to be in touch with your authentic feelings. It will help you come out and live from the essence of who you are – unapologetically driven by your drives to create and accomplish, not anxiety or fear.  

Psychotherapy offers healthy coping strategies to life fears and anxieties.

Every time you respond to fears and anxiety in unhealthy ways – avoid, hide, become emotionally reactive, or repress it – you stay stuck in anxiety and you can’t heal. To shift and transform anxiety you need to face it in healthy, healing, and empowering ways.

When you feel like you’re becoming anxious, overwhelmed, catastrophe, or upset, anxiety therapy can help you access and use these healthy coping strategies.

Techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and journaling can accompany talk-therapy. These can offer a healthy outlet of exploration of your current situation and past traumas to help you lessen and heal anxiety.

You”ll develop self-acceptance, deeper self-awareness, and understanding of your inner world and patterns. When you know what you want and need, you can identify concerns, self-soothe, and make informed choices. You feel more prepared for uncertainty and in control of creation your life as opposed to life circumstances taking over. 

Psychotherapy promotes healthy tolerance of discomfort, uncertainty, and humane imperfections.

Man outdoors on a bench writting his journal

Facing your fears is often easier and more productive with support. Why deny yourself the support system and encouragement you need? We’re all wired for companionship, belonging, and community. It is important to seek out trustworthy people who can help you without enabling you.

Supportive loved ones and a qualified, experienced therapist are crucial. Your therapist will challenge you to see life clearly and provide opportunities to cultivate awareness and mental discipline.

Knowing how to acknowledge discomfort and accepting uncertainty will foster personal growth. You may find that your coping skills will expand as you become more adept at releasing the idea of how life should look and actually apply yourself with more passion and focus to create and live your life.  

Psychotherapy can help you show up in your life in the present.

Anxious thoughts are generally centered on the future or unexpected events. Learning to be mindful, present, and secure in the here and now is crucial for calm. Learning to stay grounded and present can be a huge relief.

Rumination on “what if” can be counterproductive and keep you stuck and overactive. A good psychotherapy journey will help you stay connected with “what is.” From there, you can better solve current problems, set fruitful goals, and enjoy your relationships.

Psychotherapy encourages self-compassion.

How you talk to yourself matters. If you experience anxiety, you already know that you can be pretty rough on yourself.  Running yourself down may be a habit that exacerbates worry and fear. You might even be experiencing shame from your mean-spirited self-talk. With support and objectivity, your therapist can help you reconnect with your whole self – your strengths and your weaknesses.  You can treat yourself compassionately and support your growth by being able to access and use your talents, skills, and innate gifts – while you’ll either work on shifting or accepting

Man walking on the street happy Yes, these are just a few ways in which psychotherapy heals the emotional trauma that may be at the root of anxiety. 

Take the Next Step…

You can face, heal, or shift anxiety and step out from being trapped and controlled by. You can live with emotional freedom to be in touch with your authentic core, talents, skill and image gifts. You can show up in life – in your relationships, career, and passions. You can take on any endeavors more fully connected to your sense of agency.  You can live and create your life.

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I am Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor in Clinical Psychology. My expertise is emotional trauma that manifests in depression, anxiety, creative blocks, performance anxiety, relationships difficulties, PTSD, and addictions. One of my specialties is also working with creatives, performers, artists. You can read more about therapy on my anxiety treatment Page.


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