Confident women eyes, looking straight in your eyesIn the last few years EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) has been so present in the news, social media, and TV shows. People everywhere seem to be talking about it, and your friends are saying, “you really have to try it!”

So, what is the big deal about EMDR therapy? 

There is a wonderful shift happening in psychology and the field of emotional healing nowadays. People are longing to experience better emotional health, and they also want to live big, fulfilling, and creative lives.

They want to:

– thrive and be their best selves 

– be aware, mindful, and navigate life with intent

– live with emotional presence, openness, and receptivity 

– have more intimate, authentic, and meaningful relationships

– get out of their comfort mode, outgrow their limits, push the boundary  

– create meaningful art or build a business with a sense of purpose and humanitarian impact Man sitting in top of the heal watching the full potential of the city scape

In other words, a growing number of people want to heal what needs to be healed, reconnect with their true selves, and create their lives from a healthy, emotionally true place. 

And, they want to be able to do in-depth, emotional work in a more effective, efficient way.  

We are, indeed, living amazing times with so many possibilities to heal, grow, and transform. If you’ve arrived here and read this far, you too are longing for the healing and transformation that will free you to live your life from your essence. 

To achieve this kind of growth and wholeness, you need to do your emotional inner work to heal emotional trauma, resolve emotional conflicts, and dissolve emotional blocks that have kept you living a limited life. 

And this is where EMDR-based therapy comes in. It is an effective, in-depth, and time sensitive approach that enables you to experience lasting healing and growth.

I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist for over 20 years. I am certified in psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapy, a relational psychotherapy approach based on the understanding that relationships create the mind. As an extension of this perspective, we see the client’s healing and transformation emerge through the connection with an emotionally attuned therapist.therapeutic relationship, female and her psychotherapist

The psychotherapeutic relationship is the vehicle for change. It’s an intimate, in-depth, and powerful way to do emotional work. It’s my favorite form of psychotherapy, I must say! It is based in the neuroscience of psychotherapy and relationships and, which allows me to fine tune my craft as a therapist and provide even more paths to healing.

However, it is EMDR that gives therapy power and efficiency. With EMDR, I can just hone in powerful therapeutic moments to take one on an in-depth and timely efficient healing and growth journey. 

Ultimately,  psychotherapy is both a science and an art. I find this to be particularly true when we layer EMDR into our work. As a certified EMDR therapist, I have seen, over and over again, the remarkable power of EMDR when weaved in a relational psychotherapy.

5 Reasons Why EMDR is such a “Big Deal”

  1. EMDR works with all your feelings, beliefs, relationship experiences, and your embodied emotional states simultaneously. You will release and shift the feelings, beliefs, and embodied states that may be trapped in your mind all at the same time. With that simultaneous release, EMDR will help you take in more powerful feelings, beliefs, and embodied emotional states. You will shift into emotional wholeness.  Male on top of the world braking the chains - he had on his hands
  2. EMDR can take you right where the healing needs to happen: the emotional places you may avoid. It dissolves your defenses and resistance like the night merging into the day. You almost won’t consciously grasp how you just got to those emotional places that you need to heal. You’ll feel relieved and grateful to have this experience of powerful emotional clearing.
  3. EMDR can identify what past emotional experiences need to be examined and cleared. You don’t have to revisit your whole life or dig into all your old experiences to do the work. EMDR will take you to the places that need to be re-visited and worked through it you don’t have to consciously remember to heal.
  4. EMDR doesn’t lie or  “plant ideas in your head” “put in your mind” something that is not there. In certain emotional states, particularly during healing moments, your mind is vulnerable and subjective to other people’s words. If you have some concern that therapy will cause you to recover old, painful memories – that may or not be “real”! – EMDR is grounded in your lived reality and will not cause you to create something that did not happen.
  5. EMDR minimizes the interference from the therapist into your healing journey. While you need a therapist that can be attuned to you to do good emotional work, misattunements are also part of any relationship. If you have emotional trauma, misattuned moments between you and your therapist can become an opportunity for healing. A skilled EMDR therapist knows when there is a misattunement and can capture that moment for you to do powerful emotional work. Man feeling whole, relived, and authentic

The healing and the transformation happens in the here and now. You can feel the emotional shifts inside you, the inside-out healing and transformation. And, you can feel the relief of letting go of emotional conflicts, trauma, and blocks dissolve. You can feel what it means to “come into wholeness.”

Some people say that EMDR it feels like an awakening while some describe it as a journey towards feeling complete. Others describe it as a spiritual journey. It’s a chance to reconnect with your life energy, true self, sense of agency, or creativity. 

Others may say EMDR invites you to come back home to your true essence. Many will say they can finally live with emotional freedom and clarity. Some have said that it feels like life is coming from within, not happening to them from outside. Still others discover their true capabilities and feel like they are stepping into their life fully, for the first time.  

And, one of my favorites: investing yourself in your goals or dreams doesn’t feel like a destination any longer, but more like a way of existing. Female watching the sunrising

This is what makes EMDR a powerful healing journey. It works with your emotional blocks, conflicts, and trauma in a way that is highly attuned to you, more on target, and an effective, Yet, it is spiritual, intimate, and in-depth healing and transformation journey. 

I offer psychodynamic therapy, EMDR therapy (EMDR certified), psychoanalytic therapy (certified), combined with CBT, and grounded in the neuroscience of psychotherapy and relationships in order to help people discover how to live fully in the present and create more fulfilling, successful lives. 

In particular I have an expertise working with creatives, performers, and artists of all kinds  including writers, screenwriters, actors, fine artists, musicians, producers, directors, fashion designers, and creative entrepreneurs. My office is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. I provide in-person and online psychotherapy to people across California.

If you are interested in EMDR therapy, please contact me for your free 15 minute consultation to see if this therapy is appropriate for you.


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