Anxiety Therapy in Los Angeles

Dealing with anxiety can leave you feeling helpless and alone. At Creative Minds Psychotherapy, I specialize in helping people in Los Angeles, California, and nearby areas recover from the effects of anxiety and past traumas. Let me help you find emotional freedom from interpersonal conflict today. 

Are You Struggling With Anxiety?Anxiety Therapy in Los Angeles

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear of the unknown? Anxiety can make you obsess over circumstances, events, or people. The longer you deal with this feeling, the worse you can feel. 

People who deal with anxiety can often experience:

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of mental concentration
  • Insomnia 

These feelings keep you from controlling the circumstances around you, causing you to experience a lack of joy in your life. Therapy for your mental health can help you recover from a wide variety of anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder, so you can work toward healing.

Anxiety Therapy In Los Angeles, California

It is my pleasure to provide anxiety treatment and therapy in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. One of my expertise is working with creatives and performers. With over 3.8 million residents and 502 square miles, the people in this area enjoy visiting popular attractions, such as the Los Angeles Museum of Art and Hollywood Boulevard. This city is also known as the entertainment capital of the world due to the performing arts, arts, and entertainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Anxiety

Check out a few common questions on anxiety below:

What are 3 strategies to reduce anxiety?

We believe everyone is unique and has different needs. The coping strategy that works best for you will depend on how you respond to different in-person or online therapy methods. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to clearing your mind so that you can determine what works for you. Spending time in nature, eating well, and doing your favorite activities are a few examples. We can help you figure out what works for you. 

What triggers anxiety?

Although anxiety triggers are different for everyone, traumatic experiences in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood are some common examples of triggers that can lead to a panic attack or worse. There is always a reason you are feeling anxious. Some symptoms increase depending on the circumstances and your mental awareness. 

Dealing with trauma at an early age can have an effect on mental health later in daily life. It’s not uncommon to experience physical or emotional stress. Seeking therapy can help you learn how to cope with your feelings and recover from uncomfortable symptoms. 

Is anxiety a chemical imbalance?

There is plenty of research on anxiety, but it’s not clear what causes these disorders. Several factors include trauma, extended stress, genetics, and chemical imbalances. However, researchers don’t know exactly what causes anxiety disorders. It’s possible that a combination can occur in some people. It is clear that prolonged stress can lead to an anxiety disorder. 

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