Anxiety Treatment Near Studio City

Are persistent feelings of doubt and disconnection preventing you from living the life you deserve? At Creative Mind Psychotherapy, I provide anxiety and mental health treatment to creatives and performers near Studio City to help them recover from anxiety and find freedom from emotional pain. If you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder, we can work together to help you gain control of your life.

Restore Balance With Anxiety TreatmentAnxiety Treatment Near Studio City

Many people experience chest pains, excessive sweating, and feelings of powerlessness that extend beyond nervousness. Anxiety can manifest in many ways, triggering paralyzing fear that prevents you from living your daily life. I use a combination of mental health therapies to help identify the root cause of anxiety:

  • Solution-focused individual therapy
  • Relational psychoanalytic approaches paired with psychotherapy neuroscience 
  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) therapy

I use a combination of these therapies to help identify the source of your anxiety disorders and help you unlock your creative potential. As we work through painful memories and traumatic events, you may hesitate to encounter them during talk therapy. A safe and non-judgmental atmosphere is provided as we work through your painful memories together to promote healing. 

I Serve People Near Studio City

I enjoy working with performers and creatives near Studio City, CA. My office is less than an hour from Los Angeles, the capital of the arts and entertainment world. I work with young adults and people who spend their time in entertainment, performing arts, film, fine arts, music, theatre, and fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Treatment

Many people are not sure if they need anxiety or mental health treatment. Here are some questions I often receive about my psychotherapy services for mental health disorders, such as panic disorder.

Do I Need Anxiety or Mental Health Treatment?

Some creatives wonder if treatment for anxiety and mental health disorders will prevent them from accessing their creative side. They often believe anxiety helps them harness artistry and technique in their careers. The truth is that therapy can help them unlock greater creative potential as they face repressed trauma and unpack the source of their anxiety. I encourage all performers and creative entrepreneurs to make time for therapy as a form of self-care. As you heal your anxiety, you will experience deeper connections in your relationships and your career.

What Should I Expect From My First Session?

You can expect to talk about your personal goals and dreams in our first session. I want to learn more about you as a person and a creative performer so you can get the most from our mental health therapy sessions. The first session is an excellent time to ask questions and address concerns.

Do You Offer Online Therapy?

I aim to help clients recover through a combination of psychotherapy approaches, including EMDR, somatic, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral therapies. These therapies work effectively online and in person. I also incorporate the neuroscience of psychotherapy and positive psychology. Many patients also find meditation and mindfulness techniques helpful in an online setting. We will work together to determine the best therapy for you.

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