Emotional Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

If repressed emotional trauma is holding you back from living your best life, there is hope for recovery. At Creative Minds Psychology in Los Angeles, I offer emotional trauma therapy to help clients uncover the painful emotions and thoughts that interfere with their relationships and careers. With the right help and support, you can find emotional freedom and create the life you were meant to enjoy. 

Recover With Emotional Trauma Therapy Emotional Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

Emotional trauma is anything from your past that leaves you feeling trapped in your creativity and prevents you from moving forward. Emotional trauma therapy can help you cope with repressed feelings and help you recover from symptoms such as:

  • Feeling neglected or unloved
  • Thoughts or feelings of self-betrayal
  • Self-destructive patterns in your career
  • Unhealthy behaviors such as food or sex addiction
  • Fragmented relationships

Developing or enhancing relationships is challenging when emotional trauma prevents you from moving forward. If you’re dealing with repressed trauma, emotional trauma therapy can help you unlock the source of the pain and give you the tools you need to move forward. 

I Offer Services In Los Angeles

I am happy to offer my services to creatives and performers in the Los Angeles, California, areaAs a world capital for the arts, performing arts, and entertainment, Los Angeles offers many opportunities for creative entrepreneurs in fashion, film, fine arts, music, and theatre. If you live in Los Angeles, you are minutes from my Beverly Hills office. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Emotional Trauma Therapy

Many clients have questions about emotional trauma therapy and how it can help them access their creative potential. 

What Is Your Training and Experience With Emotional Trauma Therapy?

I use a variety of therapies and techniques when working with creatives and performers in the area. I have in-depth training in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies. These include EMDR, neuroscience of psychotherapy, solution-focused, positive psychological and somatic. Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) are common for emotional trauma. 

How Will Emotional Trauma Therapy Help Me?

Working with a skilled therapist can help unlock the emotional trauma holding you back from accessing your creative potential. You may struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, or unresolved turmoil that repress your creativity and trigger irrational behavior. Emotional trauma therapy helps open up your past trauma and safely work through the emotions or events preventing you from succeeding in your career. Together, we will help you break the repeated cycles limiting your potential so you can begin to heal. 

How Will I Know If Therapy Is Helping Me?

As with any therapy, you will notice changes in your emotional and mental health. After a few sessions, you may see a more profound ability to recognize destructive behaviors holding you back. You will develop an increased resilience in stressful situations, less depression, and a deeper ability to acknowledge the past trauma that was holding you back. 

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