Online Psychotherapy in Los Angeles

Is anxiety, medical conditions, or the stress of life keeping you from your regular therapy sessions? Creative Minds Psychology offers online psychotherapy services in Los Angeles, CA, and the nearby areas. You don’t have to let roadblocks keep you from receiving the support you need to recover from mental health conditions. 

I Offer Online PsychotherapyOnline Psychotherapy in Los Angeles

You are not alone if you find yourself social distancing in this post-pandemic society. While many people have returned to normal activities, you may feel it’s easier to remain at home. However, you may feel even more isolated and disconnected as you navigate depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma alone. I offer online psychotherapy services to help you get the support you need to work through your past trauma and accomplish your goals. Some services I provide include:

  • Anxiety treatment
  • EMDR therapy
  • Depression treatment
  • Therapy for creatives
  • Trauma treatment

Online psychotherapy is an excellent option if you struggle to find professional support outside your home. I use evidence-based treatments combined with the neuroscience of psychotherapy to help people unlock the source of past trauma to find emotional freedom. 

I Serve People In Los Angeles

I am happy to serve the people of Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding area. Los Angeles is a world capital for arts, performing arts, and entertainment in all forms. One of my expertise is working with creatives and performers who spend time in music, films, fashion, theatre, and fine arts.

Commonly Asked Questions About Online Psychotherapy

Do you have questions about online psychotherapy? Here are a few questions our office receives about this treatment. 

How Do Online Psychotherapy Sessions Work?

I aim to heal the root cause of mental issues through a holistic, in-depth, and efficient approach. Combining psychodynamic, EMDR, somatic, solution-focused, and neuroscience, has proven effective for many clients.

Therapy sessions shouldn’t stop because you’re able to attend in-person sessions. I work with many creatives and performers who frequently travel, and they benefit from online therapy sessions. I approach online sessions the same way as in-person. Phone and video sessions are effective in providing the support you need. During these sessions, I gather information, address your concerns, and conduct therapeutic sessions via ZOOM or Doxy platforms. 

What Are Your Qualifications?

I am fully trained in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches, such as EMDR, solution-focused, neuroscience of psychotherapy, and positive psychology. I also have training in somatic and cognitive behavioral therapies. A Doctoral in Clinical Psychology and certification in Psychoanalytic Therapy is also among my qualifications.  

Are Online Psychotherapy Sessions Private?

You can rest assured that our online psychotherapy sessions are private and strictly confidential. I use the most secure version of ZOOM and Doxy platforms to ensure optimal security. Doxy is a HIPAA-compliant program and approved by the board of psychology. 

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