Online Psychotherapy Near Studio City

Are you looking for professional emotional support? Online psychotherapy might be the answer. In a world were staying connected matters, teletherapy can help. While it may not replicate the in-person experience, online therapy proves to be just as effective. Thanks to video meetings, talking to a therapist online or over the phone can provide a healing connection. 

I Offer Online Psychotherapy

Online Psychotherapy Near Studio City

I’m Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Creative Minds Psychology in Beverly Hills, CA. I’m here to help you heal and find emotional freedom through online therapy sessions. One area of my expertise is working with creatives and performers and helping them work through emotional blocks. Some common issues include:

  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Creative Issues

Secure platforms like Zoom allow clients and I to connect for video sessions. Contact my office to find out how teletherapy can be an effective approach for those not able to attend in-office visits.

I Offer Online Psychotherapy Near Studio City, CA

I am happy to offer therapeutic support with over 20 years of experience to people of Studio City and the nearby areas. Nearby Universal Studios Hollywood reflects the creative spirit of the city. Studio City Recreation Center is a sprawling space that offers an opportunity for outdoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychotherapy

Some of the most frequently asked questions from clients are included below.

Do you take insurance?

I don’t take insurance, but I can give you a Superbill if you’d like to use your insurance. I don’t diagnose in my work. I see symptoms as signs of something that needs healing. While I’m qualified to diagnose, it’s not a routine part of my approach. 

What should I expect from my first session?

In our initial meeting, we’ll discuss the reasons you’ve chosen therapy, your past efforts for self-help, your goals, and aspirations. It’s a chance for you to ask questions about psychotherapy, my practice, or my background. Individual sessions are priced between $250 and $450. Group sessions range from $150 to $200.

How much do I need to invest in psychotherapy?

Your investment in psychotherapy involves one hour per week. That hour is devoted to your personal transformation. If you have any concerns or doubts during this process, feel free to discuss them with me. Together, we can find solutions and work towards identifying what best suits your needs.

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I offer a holistic, in-depth approach through a combination of psychodynamic, EMDR, somatic, and solution-focused neuroscience. Contact my office today to get started. Now is the time to show up in the world and create the life you envision. Take the first step towards your transformative journey – your inner potential awaits.

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