Psychodynamic Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

Are you struggling with emotions and thoughts you don’t understand? If so, you are not alone. Creative Minds Psychotherapy offers psychodynamic therapy in Beverly Hills, CA, and the surrounding areas to help people gain deeper insight and move forward.

Psychodynamic Therapy in Beverly Hills, CA

Improve Wellbeing With Psychodynamic Therapy

Many people reach a point when they feel uncertain in their careers or relationships. Dealing with thoughts and emotions you don’t understand can feel overwhelming and keep you from moving forward in all areas of life. Seeking help from a certified and experienced therapist can help you understand your unique mental process and the root cause of emotions and thoughts interfering with life.

I work with many people, especially creatives and performers, who feel stuck but don’t understand why. If this sounds like you, psychodynamic therapy can help you:

  • Identify behaviors and thought patterns 
  • Develop healthy ways to respond to negative thoughts and emotions
  • Understand the source of emotions
  • Gain insight through past experiences
  • Learn how to improve relationships

I aim to create a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their concerns and receive guidance on moving forward. If your inner voice tells you something is wrong, but you’re unsure how to move forward, psychodynamic therapy can help. This talk therapy helps you gradually process emotions and thoughts to improve your relationships and overall well being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone new can feel overwhelming. I aim to create an encouraging space and answer your questions about how therapy can help your career, relationships, and mental health. 

What Is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of talk therapy that encourages individuals to share their concerns and gain the necessary skills to manage the emotions that come with them. This form of therapy is multifaceted in that it explores all aspects of an individual’s life so they can understand the source of specific behavior or thought patterns. 

How Will I Know If Therapy Is Working?

Although everyone has a unique therapy experience, most people notice a difference immediately. You may feel lighter after sharing your burdens, and you may also feel changes in your life after a few sessions. Eventually, you will see other positive changes in your relationships and career as you learn to move beyond emotional issues and establish healthy boundaries.

What Can I Expect From Psychodynamic Sessions?

I recommend weekly sessions that last approximately an hour. You can address concerns, ask questions, and feel confident that we can openly discuss and find a solution together. 

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I Provide Services In Beverly Hills, CA

I am delighted to provide therapy services in Beverly Hills, California, and the nearby areas. Beverly Hills is close to Los Angeles, a world capital for art and entertainment. Residents and tourists enjoy fashion, film, music, fine arts, and theatre.

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