Relationship Counseling in West Los Angeles

Does something feel different in your life? If the overwhelm and schedule of your creative energy in West Los Angeles is affecting your relationships, Creative Minds Psychology can help. Relationship counseling from a licensed and professional therapist can help you uncover the source of relationship issues and work toward recovery. 

I Offer Relationship Counselingrecording camera

Unlocked pain or trauma can affect your relationships. I work with many creatives and performers to help them unlock hidden trauma, find emotional freedom, and mend relationships. Some of my specialties include:

  • Anxiety treatment
  • Treatment for creatives
  • Depression treatment
  • EMDR therapy
  • Trauma treatment

If your emotional trauma is holding you back from cultivating meaningful relationships, relationship counseling can help. Blocked emotions can prevent you from accessing your creative power and deepening essential relationships. Counseling can help you break free from the disconnection and work toward healing. 

I Serve People In West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles is part of the greater Los Angeles area and is close to Interstate 405. This area is a world capital for arts, performing arts, and various forms of entertainment, including fashion, films, music, and theatre. I enjoy working with many creative entrepreneurs in this area.

Commonly Asked Questions About Relationship Counseling

Do you have questions about the benefits of relationship counseling? Here are a few common ones I answer for my clients. 

What Are Your Qualifications?

I have over 15 years of experience working with creatives and performers. As a psychotherapist, I am certified in psychoanalytic therapy, eye movement desensitization, and reprocessing (EMDR), and have a doctorate in clinical psychology. I am also trained in psychodynamics, neuroscience of psychotherapy, and solution-focused, positive psychological, somatic, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

What Forms Of Therapy Do You Use?

I use many forms of psychotherapy when working with creatives and performers. Everyone is unique and deserves a customized approach to mental health. In addition to using EMDR, positive psychological approaches, and other forms mentioned above, I use different approaches, including meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness help relax the body and mind so clients can experience improved mental clarity and reduced stress. If you are relaxed during our sessions, you will feel more comfortable exploring your emotions and talking about how I can best help you. 

How Long Will I Spend In Counseling Sessions?

For many clients, I schedule one-hour sessions once a week. During our time together, we can determine the duration of our time together. This time is yours to ask questions or address any concerns you have. Feel free to explore your thoughts and emotions as I guide you toward healing. In your first session, we will explore why you chose relationship counseling and how you want these sessions to benefit your relationships. 

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If you are ready to experience emotional freedom and repair your relationships, contact Creative Minds Psychology in West Los Angeles today. My office is at 450 N. Bedford Drive, Suite 301, in Beverly Hills, CA. I look forward to working with you.

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