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Are Your Emotional Issues or Conflicts Affecting your Creativity? Psychotherapy for Artists is Effective to Help You Reconnect with your Creativity. 

by Mihaela Ivan Holtz, Psy.D., LMFT

You are an artist.  You love to feel in touch with your creative energy. When your creative ideas flow, you’re in your dreamworld. There are no doubts and no fears, you trust what you create.  You know it will impact your audience. This is you, in your creative emotional space. The place where you feel at home with your creativity – where you belong and thrive as an artist.

But, you don’t always feel at home with your creativity. As much as you love making art, you sometimes feel like you lost your creative spark. Life as a creative can be challenging. While you just want to stay in your creative realm and make your art, the challenges that come with being an artist can really interfere with your creativity.

Are you Feeling Like You’re Stuck in a Creative Block?

You want to achieve your dreams and goals. You want recognition. You want an audience. You want rewards that reflect your value and talent. Yet, when you’re stuck in a creative block you can’t seem to get anywhere.

You’ve always been an artist. What happened? You are now scared, worried, and depressed you lost your creativity and your craft never be the same. What’s going to happen to your creative career? 

Fluctuations In Creativity Are Normal For Artists. 

Creativity, like anything other mind states, comes and goes. It fluctuates. All artists experience ebbs and flows with their creativity. So, how do you know if you’re just going through a normal coming and going creative wave or if you are stuck in a creative block? 

 A creative block comes with a feeling of being stuck. You feel lost and not yourself. No matter what you do, nothing seems to help you reconnect with your creative energy. At times you may experience some creativity, but it doesn’t feel like you, or what you’re normally able to create. A creative block can be really challenging for you the artist, your career depends on your creativity. You worry and feel the  dread of the inability to create. Maybe you can’t focus or concentrate. You may feel anxious, depressed, and under pressure.

You are not alone. At some point in their career, many artists experience creative blocks. This can be a scary experience. Creativity is your name, your identity. Maybe it’s the source of your financial stability, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

What is Causing Your Creative Block?

Usually it’s not one thing causing a creative block, but rather a combination of factors. Or, one factor leading to another and making you vulnerable for other factors to take over.

You may feel pressured to create, find work, or respond to public demands. But pressure is one factor among many. Unmanaged stress, burnout, financial insecurities, anxiety, depression, unprocessed grief and loss can trigger a creative block. 

Unhealed emotional trauma is a big factor in creative blocks. There is a common debate if trauma inspires artists. In my clinical experience, unhealed trauma is more likely to interfere with creativity. Trauma is inspiring when one has overcome old pain and is not stuck in unprocessed emotionally traumatic events. Also there are many misconceptions about what emotional trauma is. In my practice, anything that keeps one stuck or disconnected from one’s talents, skills, full self, and creativity is emotional trauma.

Fears are very common underlying creative blocks factors. The tricky part is that you may or may not be aware of these fears. The more your fears operate in your unconscious the more they can control you and keep you stuck in a creative block. It can be a fear of failure, of being shamed, of being exposed, or seen as an impostor, just to make a few. Many times unconscious fears are so seductive and deceiving that you may not understand where they come from or how they impact you as an artist.   

Repressed emotions can disconnect you from your creative energy. Unconscious or even conscious conflicts interfere with your creativity. These conflicts are usually inner dynamics dealing with criticism, rejection, insecurities, and perfectionism. 

Even being conflicted about your career can impact your creativity. Maybe you need to reinvent or renew yourself as an artist. You want to transition to a new artistic life, a new purpose, or meaning. Your old creative self doesn’t inspire you anymore. But, you’re scared to admit you’re done with one stage in your artistic career. Or perhaps, you don’t know how a new creative identity will impact your success. Loss of meaning and purpose is often seen in artists who have been successful for many years and all the sudden don’t feel inspired or connected with their artistic journey. 

Creative Blocks Therapy Can Help You Reconnect With Your Creativity.

A creative block is a complex emotional phenomenon, with unique and multilevel causes and solutions. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for others. The treatment is a unique journey for every single artist.

I developed a therapy model specifically for creatives like you. My practice is devoted to helping artists with creative blocks work through the issues that are interfering with their ability to create.

Therapy will enable you to start a journey of discovering more about who you are as an artist, break through unhealthy coping mechanisms that interfere with your creativity.

To get to the root of  what is keeping you in a creative block, I use EMDR therapy  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) within a psychoanalytic approaches combined with CBT and the neuroscience of psychotherapy. 

Using these approaches, I will help you work through your unique factors and conflicts that keep you stuck. Therapy is an art and a science are the same time. It requires your participation. The journey will be unique and tailored to you. 

You can feel again inspired and productive as an artist. The challenges you face don’t have to control you or keep you stuck. I have worked with several artists who have found great professional and personal success after working through conflicts that interfere with their creativity.

You worked hard to develop your creative skills, you deserve to be in touch with your creative energy and make art that you are proud of.

Therapy or counseling for artists will help you reconnect with your creativity and prevent further creative blocks.

You May Have Some Concerns About Therapy for Creative Blocks

I’m afraid of  psychotherapy may hurt even more my creativity.

Therapy for artists targets pressure, stress and burnout, emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief that interferes with your creativity. Doing so can unleash even more creative potential and greater ability to be in touch with your talents, abilities, and your art.  Therapy can also help you access different parts of your brain that can further your creativity.

Isn’t therapy expensive?

Therapy can be an investment—but think of it as an investment in both your personal and professional future. You can stop repeating self-defeating cycles that lead to creative blocks. Learning better coping mechanisms to cope with the challenges you face as an artist can only help your creativity.

I’m very busy, I don’t have time for therapy.

Your mental health is too important and too vital to your professional success to put on hold. Once you target what holds you stuck, you will be a better artist and achieve new career opportunities. You make time for developing your talents, but to use your talents you need your creativity. 

Schedule Your Appointment For Creative Blocks Therapy 

If you are ready to begin the road to recovering your creativity, with counseling for artists, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. You can reach me at 310-424-0292 or click on the contact link.

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